August 26, 2009-In a year when most private colleges are struggling, Belhaven College has seen its student body grow by 15% to a historical record enrollment total of nearly 3,000 students. The 14.91% increase over last fall brings the combined student body to 2,951 students. Belhaven serves both undergraduate and graduate students on four campuses: Jackson, Memphis, Orlando, and Houston.

“Belhaven has seen a 5% growth among our traditional age students, and the adult accelerated undergraduate program and business graduate programs are up 15% to 19% on each of their campuses,” commented Belhaven's President, Dr. Roger Parrott, “And we have seen skyrocketing growth in our newest graduate programs in education and public administration, and in our online program as well.”

Nearly half of Belhaven's Jackson traditional age student body come from out of state and have chosen Belhaven College over options across the country. Freshman dance major Stefanie Wright is from West Palm Beach, Florida, and she says she chose Belhaven for its Christian emphasis: “I like what Belhaven stands for. I knew I'd be encouraged in my Christian walk at Belhaven, and as I weighed my opportunities at other schools, I knew Belhaven had what I wanted.”

Dr. Parrott credits the work of the faculty, staff, coaches, and administrators with making the fall enrollment such a successful one. He states, “This year's enrollment is the answer to many prayers and the work of our marvelous team of staff and faculty. I'm especially thankful that this incoming class is of such high academic caliber, and have come ready to develop God's best in their lives.”

Belhaven is named one of “America's Best Christian Colleges,” one of America's 100 Best College Buys, a Templeton College of Character Development, and its business school was ranked highest by Business Reform Magazine's review of Christian College business programs. Belhaven College is one of only thirty schools in America nationally accredited in all four of the primary arts-dance, theatre, music, and visual art.