Belhaven College announces the 2008-2009 winners of “Who’s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.” Winners are selected by the campus nominating committee, based upon their academic achievements and service to the community and college. Students listed below represent all four Belhaven College campuses: Jackson, Mississippi; Orlando, Florida; Memphis, Tennessee and Houston, Texas. Pictured: Students are congratulated by Belhaven College President, Dr. Roger Parrott. (L to R) Stacy Nott, Jonathan Hall, Beth Gunn, Chad McPhearson, Hannah Albritton, Jerry Zifodya, Lindsey Berg, Andrew Hedglin, Amy Easley, Jason Carlock, Whitney Mack, Dr. Roger Parrott, Chellie Thames.

Who Who Award Winners at Belhaven CollegeHannah Albritton
Lindsey Berg
Callie Brack
Amy Easley
Beth Gunn
Jonathan Hall
Andrew Hedglin
Laura Huddleston
Kirsten Jensen
Patty Kinsey
Whitney Mack
Chad McPhearson
Kathleen Norberg
Stacy Nott
Nicole Nutting
Stephen Shelt
Janette Siirila
Steven Tyler Thornton
Milton Wilcox
Jerry Zifodya
Jason Carlock
Michelle Duke
Kelly Hepner
Cynthia Hopson
Gloria Kendrick
Katrina McHuley
Diedre Kalil Reynolds
Glynis Ramey
Chellie Thames
Michelle Washington
Dawn Brown
May Elizabeth Robertson
Nicole Branning
Derrick Davis
Terri Stafford
Jane Verkerk
Cynthia Ramirez