April 22, 2009—Tim Echols, president and founder of TeenPact, a comprehensive leadership experience for children and teens, will join Belhaven College as an adjunct professor. Tim will bring special expertise and training to TeenPact students as they participate in Belhaven’s online program.

Tim Echols founded TeenPact in 1994, and since that time over 19,000 children, teens, and parents have participated in TeenPact classes nationwide. Echols has both an undergraduate and master’s degree from the University of Georgia, serves on numerous boards, is active in the prolife movement, and served as Treasurer for U.S. Congressman Paul Broun from Georgia’s 10th district. He has been married for over 26 years and has seven children. Visit TeenPact online to learn more about Tim Echols and his work, or to preview a Cultural Impact lecture.

Belhaven College and Echols have similar visions for preparing young men and women to live out a biblical, Christ-centered worldview, so their partnership in offering this class is an exciting new development. Belhaven College’s mission is to prepare students academically and spiritually to serve Christ Jesus in their careers, in human relationships, and in the world of ideas. Belhaven’s Online Degree programs allow students from all over the world to participate in this unique, Christ-centered education.