September 9, 2009-In remembrance of the September 11th tragedy eight years ago, Belhaven College students, faculty, and staff will gather under the American flag for a prayer vigil at 7:00 am on Friday, September 11. The group will pray for the families still hurting from the tragedy, the President, and the nation. Sarah Vanbiber, the Belhaven Leadership Council's Student Ministries Coordinator, is spearheading the September 11th event, and she says her hope is that the event “will not just be a time of pausing and remembering, but also a time where we again commit our nation to prayer as so many did following the events of September 11, 2001.”

Vanbiber hopes that fifty or more students attend this gathering, but more importantly, she says, “I hope students and faculty come away with a sense of the unity that our nation had following September 11, 2001; I hope we are reminded to continue in prayer for everyone who was closely affected by the tragedy, for our administration, and for our nation as a whole; I hope we can take a morning to join in praise to our God who reigns over all nations, and that we will come away praising Him for His sovereign goodness even in the face of tragedy.”

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