July 9, 2009—In response to the growing Christian classical education movement, Belhaven College introduces a Classical Education major, a degree program for students who seek to serve in classical Christian schools as teachers or administrators, desire a strong foundation in the liberal arts, and seek to learn in an environment that promotes a biblical worldview.

Dr. Dan Fredericks, Senior Vice President and Provost, says that the Classical Education degree at Belhaven, “prepares students to serve in classical schools as teachers or administrators by deepening their understanding of biblical truth for forming and expressing a coherent worldview in rhetorically successful ways.”

Dr. Wynn Kenyon, Professor of Classical Education and Chair of the Philosophy Department and Division of Ministry and Human Services, calls the degree “holistic,” and he says that the program’s goal is to prepare students “to see the significance of worldview thinking, understand the truth in the Christian perspective, grasp the history of ideas, and show the next generation how Christianity is true and practical.”

The Worldview Curriculum, Belhaven’s unique core curriculum that integrates the biblical worldview into a chronologically ordered, seamless humanities curriculum, undergirds the Classical Education major. The new major will also train students to become competent in oral presentations, learn how to plan a curriculum, and integrate multimedia into the classroom.

For more information about the Classical Education degree or other Academic programs at Belhaven College, contact the Undergraduate Admission office (1-800-960-5940).