August 11, 2009—Belhaven College welcomes five new full-time faculty this fall. On August 20, students on the Jackson campus will see three new faces: Mr. Benjamin Carr, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science, Mr. Caleb Mitchell, Assistant Professor of Dance, and Ms. Daylan Stephens, Circulation Librarian. The Orlando campus welcomes Dr. Rol Erickson, Associate Professor of Business, and the Houston campus welcomes Dr. Peter Epps, Assistant Professor of English.

These faculty members have a wide variety of experience in their respective fields. Mr. Benjamin Carr has been teaching Human Performance and Recreation at The University of Southern Mississippi where he is also in the process of completing his doctorate in Exercise Physiology. Mr. Caleb Mitchell brings his experience as an instructor, performer, and choreographer from his associations with the Houston Ballet Academy, the University of Irvine, Corps de Ballet and Ad Deum Dance Company. Ms. Daylan Stephens has spent the last five years as Children Librarian at the Spartanburg County Public Libraries in South Carolina. Dr. Rol Erickson has taught for over seven years with the University of Phoenix and Indiana Wesleyan University and also served as a consultant for Missionary Ventures International. Dr. Peter Epps joins Belhaven after having taught at Baylor University and Baiko Gakuin University in Shimonoseki, Japan.

With their collective expertise, Belhaven College looks forward to the addition of these five faculty members to the college 125 year history of dedicated Christian faculty. For more information on Belhaven nationally recognized Academic programs and the faculty members involved in each one, visit the Belhaven Academics page.