August 5, 2009—Social networking on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In has become the norm for today web-savvy society. Belhaven College has responded to this phenomenon by creating a Social Media page, a single space that lists all of the social media that Belhaven utilizes. This page has been created so that alumni, students, and friends of the college can easily subscribe to updates from Belhaven as well as connect with one another in any platform they desire.

For now, social networkers can find Belhaven College on Facebook, Twitter, the Belhaven Blogs, YouTube, and Linked In. For Blazer Athletics fans and Belhaven News junkies, there is also an option to subscribe to the RSS feed for both of these constantly updated sources.

Is Belhaven missing from your favorite social network or sharing site? Let us know at In the meantime, dont forget to become a fan of Belhaven College on facebook, follow BC tweets on Twitter, interact with the Belhaven blogs, watch your favorite professors on YouTube, and get connected with alumni on Linked In.