October 1, 2010: Dr. Michael Oh spoke at Belhaven’s chapel service on Tuesday, September 28. Dr. Oh is President/Founder of Christ Bible Seminary in Japan. He is a Korean who has a mission of reconciliation to the Japanese. “There was a holocaust in Asia,” said Oh, “but nobody seems to have noticed.” Many Japanese leaders still do not acknowledge these atrocities . He informed listeners that relations between the Koreans and Japanese have been tense since World War II, because Japanese committed atrocities against Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Philippinos.

Oh also challenged students to “come be a nobody for Christ.” “Jesus is calling people who could excel in the rat race but choose not to,” said Oh. He encouraged students to either give up the American dream of personal success, or “give eye-popping, scandalous amounts of money away.” “I love speaking to college students,” said Oh, “because it’s not too late.”

“Missions is simply doing what the Lord has gifted you to do where there are few Christians,” said Oh. For Oh, who at thirty-nine years old holds five university degrees, this is using his gifts at Christ Bible Seminary among the Japanese. Dr. Oh and his wife Pearl have been married for sixteen years and have five children. Oh has an undergraduate degree, Master’s degree in Education, and PhD in Leadership and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a Master’s degree in East Asian Studies from Harvard University with a concentration in Japanese anthropology and sociology.

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