October 18, 2011 (Jackson) - Arts Discover Day is November 11 and gives future students a sneak peek into Belhaven University thriving arts departments. Learn more about the Arts and get a full access pass into Belhaven Dance, Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Theatre, and Music programs. This day is also an important step for students deciding on a career in the arts and helps them discover what type of degree they might want to pursue. Participants will be able talk with Belhaven professors who love the arts and can give can advice and information about a chosen art profession.

Student can have their portfolios reviewed, learn more about financial aid, compete for scholarships, and audition. Auditions will be happening throughout the day. (note: auditions for Dance will not be held during Arts Discover Day, but instead during the scheduled Dance audition days. See the dance audition page for more information)

Potential students will get to take a tour through each department and see why Belhaven unique art facilities make it a premier art university in Mississippi.

Signing up for Arts Discover Day will include; workshops, classes, meals, campus tour, performances by several of the Arts programs, personal interaction with faculty, interaction with student panel, and the opportunity to meet other students with a passion for the Arts.

Parents are also encouraged to attend Arts Discover Day as there are sessions/events specifically designed to address their questions and concerns. Consider this an open invitation to experience Belhaven University. If interested, reserve a place for this year Arts Discover Day!