February 8, 2011: In today’s sports, ethical issues have become one of the greatest concerns, especially in the management world. With scandals pertaining super-star athletes such as Michael Vick and Aaron Rodgers all the way to local college teams it’s hard to know what to do next. Due to growing concern in this area, Belhaven University’s own, Dr. Larry Ruddell, Associate Professor of Business in Houston, along with Patrick Thornton, and Walter Champion have constructed a helpful guide, Sports Ethics for Sports Management Professionals, to aid in the discussion of these hot topics in the sports world.

The book covers everything from discrimination, unsportsmanlike conduct, drug testing and much more. It even discusses many other topics involving sports, such as, managing student athletes, parents, assistant coaches, ect. Ruddell’s book has been used in Belhaven’s MBA courses, with plans to use it in further courses coming.

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