June 29, 2011 - A total of 80 Belhaven ASPIRE program students were recently inducted into Alpha Sigma Lambda (ASL). It is the oldest and largest chapter-based honor society for full and part-time adult students.

The ASL Honor Society was founded in 1945 to recognize adult students in continuing higher education who achieve academic excellence while managing the responsibilities to family, work and the community.

To become a member, students must have earned a minimum of 24 semester hours in an undergraduate degree program at Belhaven University and be in the top twenty percent of eligible students at Belhaven.

Belhaven Jackson ASPIRE inductees:
Jessica R. Crews
LaVada R. Meeks
Christopher J. Jefferson
Curtis McAfee
Brandy Donahue
Stephen Snell
Tiffany Wade
Giles Meacham, Jr.
Chad King
Megan H. Millsaps
Jerome Shoto
Kim L. Walker
Daniel Pickering
Lauren Gates
Sarah Bain
Robert Bain
Cassandra Simpson

Belhaven Houston inductees:
Deloris Ayers
Cynthia Ramirez
Christina Baines
Dewaun Sims
Diana Buckley
Darel Smith
Lucy Dutton
Caroline Taylor
Susan Ekop
Lindsey Taylor
Tonya Foreman
David Thomas
Denise Hudson
Sharmiesha Timlin
Brad Kny
Gloria White
Bonnie Lugo
Allison Wurtz
Lenora Mathews
Loree Waddy
Stephanie Yates

Belhaven Orlando inductees:
Rebecca Burke
Jackie Coe
Noemi Encarnacion
Marshall Howe
Olive Ramsay
Darrell Rhines
Sharon Schaefer
Oswald Sealey
Thbitha Sookdeo
Laura Vega
Mireille Volcy
Irene Weiker
Stacey E. Aldridge
Sheryl Bacon
Rebecca Barrentine
Tammy Bartholomew
Sabrena Bartley
Steven Blackwell
Latasha Brown
Promise Burrell
Ethel Chapman
Nancy Dickens
Robert Fortenberry
Megan Hall
Michael Holloway
Essie James
Amy Jarrett
Christy Jennings
Camecia Lazard
Aisha Martin
Dearbria McGee
David Morris
Teresa Myhlhousen
Regina Quick
Ayanna Smith
Tracy Smith
Deborah Sullivan
Stephanie Thigpen
Bradley Thomas
David Thompson
Thomasina Tory
Miranda Wade

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