Belhaven University Annual Honors Convocation

April 10, 2012 (Jackson) - Belhaven University Annual Honors Convocation awarded some of the highest academic honors to the year top performing students and recognized faculty with tenure and promotions on Tuesday, April 10.

Many academic awards were presented to students who not only achieved scholastic success, but showed character, service and spiritual growth. Faculty presenters gushed over students and proudly announced award winners.

Other special awards included the International Student of the Year, Honors Fellows, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges and Bess Caldwell Memorial Award.

The highlight of the ceremony came when the Belhaven Leadership Council President, Jessica Akiona, presented the Belhaven Leadership Council Faculty Award. This award is given to the teacher of the year, voted by Belhaven students.

With heartfelt applauding and a standing ovation, the award went to the late Dr. Wynn Kenyon (1948 - 2012) and was presented to his wife, Mrs. Virginia Kenyon.

Also in honor of Dr. Kenyon, the Philosophy Award received an official name change to the Professor Wynn Kenyon Award.

Congratulations to all students and faculty on their accomplishments.


Dr. Don Berryhill
Mr. Joseph Frost
Dr. Angela Gaddis
Dr. Kristena Gaylor
Ms. Gretchen Haien
Mrs. Laura Morton-Zebert
Dr. Donna Noblitt
Dr. Robert Waltzer
Dr. Elizabeth Williford


Dr. Lydia McCardle - Professor of Education
Mr. Song Xie - Associate Professor of Music
Dr. Donna Noblitt - Professor of Teacher Education and Director of Graduate Teacher Education
Mr. Nate Theisen - Professor of Art