May 9, 2012 (Jackson) - Belhaven Summer Term Registration is open and taking students who want to continue their studies through the summer.

Do you have some extra time this summer to take a class you are interested in or do you want to finish school earlier? Whatever the reason, Belhaven’s summer program has a variety of available classes that can help you get ahead on your path toward a degree.

Biology, Music, Biblical Studies, English, Art, and Psychology are just a few of the many classes available to you this summer.

Take a look at the summer course schedule Belhaven is offering for this year.

Here are some important dates for Belhaven’s summer classes. The First Summer Term starts May 15 to June 19 and registration is on May 10-11.

The Second Summer Term starts on June 20 and goes to July 31. Registration for the second term is on June 18-19.