student performing a play

April 2, 2012 (Jackson) - Students in the Belhaven Theatre Department will present a wide range of theatrical performances at the 2nd Annual Belhaven Theatre Festival on April 10-14.

Joseph Frost, Chair of the Theatre Department and Associate Professor of Theatre, said, “The Belhaven Theatre Festival is a great opportunity for our students to pursue independent projects of interest to them. Many of our students have a very diverse set of interests, and this is a good way for them to explore their individual passions and have these works seen by audiences.“

The festival will be a full week of theatrical events including guest artist performances, improvisational comedies, student-directed and written monologues, class projects and showcases, workshops, presentations and variety shows.

Frost adds, “It exciting to have this much new work happening; some of the projects are culminations of class work, and some are brand new creations.”

The festival will take place in the theatre wing of the Belhaven Center for the Arts. All events, except featured performances, are free to the public. Call the Belhaven Theatre Box Office for any additional information.