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The Social Work Advisory Board

November 7, 2012 (Jackson) - Belhaven’s Social Work Department hosted its inaugural advisory board meeting on October 23, 2012. The Social Work Advisory Board is comprised of leaders from the Jackson community and social work students. The board will provide insight and leadership to the social work program and its outreach efforts both locally and globally.

Dr. Angela Gaddis, Associate Professor of Social Work, said, “The advisory board keeps our department informed of any kind of service, ministry, or grant opportunity that we may not be aware of. They are our eyes and ears in the community and help us stay connected to what is going on outside the Belhaven campus.”

The advisory board is made up of a variety of community leaders:
Sandra Hodge, CEO of Mississippi Red Cross
Ronnie Crudup, Director of New Horizon Ministries
Janice Sandefur, Executive Director of National Association of Social Workers
Karen Selestak, Practicing Social Worker
David Hederman, Pastor of Grace City Church
Victor Smith, Clean Water for Malawi
Phil Reed, CEO of Voice of Calvary
Grace Bateman, Founder and Director Peru Paper Company

Dr. Gaddis adds, “Additionally, This advisory board will provide guidance to the whole program and give us ideas as we develop the program. They will help us place our seniors in field work positions giving them valuable experience toward their futures.”

With 50 students and growing, the social work department is preparing students to enter the social work profession ready and equipped to impact the societal and spiritual needs of the world.

Brittany Bayless, president of the social work club, His Hands His Feet, believes the advisory board will be good for the community as well as students in the social work program. “It was an honor to be a part of the board meeting, and to share my own experiences as a student. Having an advisory board is a great way to network with organizations in the community and will link students with internships, volunteer work, and possible job opportunities. Upon graduation, I will be fully equipped, academically and spiritually, to serve, spread the Gospel, and help others through word and deed.” said Bayless.