November 13, 2012 (Jackson) - The Student Composers Concert X will be a special performance showcasing several arrangements of music from Belhaven student composers.

This free and musically interactive performance on November 13 will explore new ways to experience the adventure of music-making. Students will perform their new compositions live at 7:30 p.m. in the Belhaven Center for the Arts Recital Room.

Dr. Andrew Sauerwein, Associate Professor of Music (Composition and Theory) said, “There will be an interesting variety of things going on as each composer will bring their own unique musical contribution. The following students will be performing in the Student Composers Concert X:
Michael Adkins
Skyler Bready
Tony Peacock
Libby Roberts
Michael Shofner
Ellen Wise

These compositions will include piano pieces, songs and electronic music. One of the pieces will involve an eight-piece women’s choir. At the end of the presentations, all the student composers will collaborate for an improvisational performance.

Dr. Sauerwein adds, “Improvisation is a great exercise for the ears and it is highly interactive and unpredictable, which means that there is always something new to discover. So, we are really interested in the idea of discovery rather than just entertainment.”

This is just one of the many exciting events from Belhaven’s School of the Arts. Check out Arts Ablaze for plays, dance and music concerts, poetry readings, gallery exhibits and more happening this year.


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