April 17, 2013 (Jackson) - A total of 11 Belhaven University professors were recently honored with tenure. These Belhaven faculty members are representatives of the Belhaven commitment to excellence in academics and are committed to the mission and vision of the University.

Congratulations to each faculty member that received tenure this year.

Mr. Kris Dietrich – Associate Professor of Theatre and Scenic Designer
Mrs. Rose Mary Foncree – Associate Professor of English and Director of Omega College
Dr. Paxton Girtmon – Associate Professor of Music
Dr. Geoffrey Goldsmith – Professor of Accounting & Chair of the Accounting Department
Dr. Donald Hubele – Associate Professor of English & Chair of the English Department
Dr. Paul Moyers – Assistant Professor of Business
Mr. Bob Pennebaker – Associate Professor of Art & Chair of the Art Department
Dr. Stephen Sachs – Professor of Piano & Chair of the Music Department
Dr. Andrew Sauerwein – Associate Professor of Music
Dr. Paul Waibel – Professor of History
Dr. Catherine Wasson – Professor of Education


Belhaven University stands among select Christian colleges and universities and has been repeatedly named one of “America’s 100 Best College Buys." The University offers 30 academic majors across a full spectrum of disciplines as well as a variety of graduate programs. In addition, Belhaven has achieved the distinction of being among only 30 universities nationally accredited in each of the major arts – music, theatre, visual art and dance. All programs are taught from a Christian worldview perspective and are guided by the mission to prepare students academically and spiritually to serve Christ Jesus in their careers, in human relationships, and in the world of ideas.

Belhaven University serves over 3,700 students offering undergraduate and graduate degrees on its residential campus, an online degree program, and graduate and adult degree programs in Jackson, Memphis, Orlando, Houston, Chattanooga, and Atlanta.