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August 22, 2013 (Jackson) - Belhaven University is now offering three new degrees. Students can earn their Bachelors, Associate, and Certificate in Biblical Studies online or on-campus.

Belhaven Online and the Adult Studies Programs give working adults the flexibility to earn a quality degree. Students who earn an associate, bachelors, or certificate through these programs can go into ministry positions that include working with children or youth, counseling, therapy, teaching, missions and more.

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies is available online and on-campus and is an in depth study and application of the Bible. Professors seek to establish a students’ understanding of the Bible and move them from learning to doing. Early in the curriculum students are given the necessary background and skills to interpret the Bible adequately as the inspired, infallible Word of God. Students will explore the most current research and discover today’s most relevant information about the Bible. Professors encourage students to investigate the biblical text for themselves as the source of their doctrine and guide for life.

The Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies is available online and on-campus and is for students who want to further their study in biblical ministry. This degree can lead to future studies of the Bible and is a gateway to a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. This degree program is designed in the liberal arts tradition, giving students a broader range of study and career possibilities in the future. Students are taught from a Christian perspective and learn the importance of ideas throughout history.

A Certificate in Biblical Studies at Belhaven is only available on-campus and is an 18 credit hour course for students who desire practical knowledge of the Bible. Everything from interpretation and doctrine to ministry will give students a deeper understanding of the Bible. Students who pursue a biblical studies certificate will be well equipped by the curriculum and get the personal attention they need from professors who long to share their knowledge of the Word.

Get started on your biblical studies degree with Belhaven today at the following locations:
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