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October 7, 2014 (Jackson) -Belhaven University was ranked as a top 100 university in the outcome-based, Educate To Career (ETC) College Rankings for 2015. ETC measures real world outcomes for college graduates, based on a student's major and where they graduated. Belhaven was awarded a top spot and ranked 92 in the national ranking.

ETC researched 1,224 major colleges and universities in the United States and determined the economic value added by each of the schools ranked within their system. They calculated theimprovement in earnings and employabilityof persons who attended specific colleges, relative to those similarly situated in other colleges.

The purpose of ETC is to give students reliable facts upon which to make informed decisions regarding their college selection.“Students looking for a quality education, in majors that lead to successful career outcomes, now have actionable information as provided by our ETC College Rankings Index,” states Mr. Michael R. Havis, president and founder of Educate To Career.