Desribe Image HereDecember 2, 2014 (Jackson) - Every fourth semester, Belhaven Biblical Studies offers Introduction to International Mission, a survey of the major areas of mission studies. This semester's course is open to everyone seeking credit or non-credit and will focus on Biblical foundations, history of missions, cultural issues in spreading the gospel and strategies for finishing the task. The course begins January 20 and goes through May 5 on Tuesday evenings.

Classes will include special presenters each week to introduce the topic of the week. The following speakers and topics are scheduled for next semester:

- Dr. Elias Medeiros, The Living God is a Missionary God

- Dr. Ligon Duncan, The Story of His Glory

- Dr. Jerry Rankin, The Expansion of the World Christian Movement

- Linda Smith, and Rev. Henry Joseph, Building Bridges of Love

- Dr. Paul Long, Jr., Eras of Mission History

- Dr. Gary Cockerill, How Shall They Hear?

- Dr. John Perkins, Christian Community Development

- Dr. Roger Parrott, World Christian Discipleship

- Dr. Bruce Baugus, Unleashing the Gospel

- Rev. Joseph Wheat, Mandate for the Nations

- Dr. Jeff Brannon, Thy Kingdom Come

Each week class time will be devoted to prayer for an unreached people group, prayer for the speaker and topic of the week and discussion of what has been heard and read during the week.

Contact the Belhaven Admission Office to apply and get started. For more information, contact Dr. Joe Martin, Professor of Christian Ministries, at