justin smith mugshotJuly 7, 2014 (Chattanooga) - Justin A. Smith, a Belhaven Chattanooga student earning a Bachelor of Science in Management, made Chattanooga's Most Wanted: 20 Under 40 list this year. He was nominated because of his “gratitude project” in which he wrote down 365 names and randomly called them to encourage them on a selected day.

“On December 31 of 2013, I sent my final email in a gratitude project I committed to do for a New Year's resolution,” said Smith. “When I sent that last email, I realized that the project had probably changed me more than it changed anyone I contacted. If we focused on changing our culture to show love and compassion to people it could change the world. We as individuals can change our culture daily; we just have to make that choice to do so.”

Smith is Regional Development Coordinator at Cumberland Trust and Investment Company and is on the board of Muse of Fire Project, Choose Chattanooga, The Red Cross-Chattanooga and East Tenn. American Red Cross General Counsel Committee. The 20 under young professionals on this year's list are sought after because of their many achievements and advancements in their fields. From artists to business people to entrepreneurs, these talented professionals are making an indelible mark on Chattanooga.