Describe Image HereFebruary 24, 2015 (Jackson) - Belhaven's resident composer Dr. Andrew Sauerwein will take the stage with faculty, alumni and Mississippi Symphony Orchestra players to perform some of his original musical works.

As a professor of theory and composition, Dr. Sauerwein's arrangements involve history, philosophy, physics, love, art, humor and sometimes his own stories. Dr. Sauerwein said his first substantial work for piano, Snow Music, came from a memorable evening when his children had gone to bed and his wife was working around the house “I was writing by lamplight at an old upright piano. At one point I looked out the front window of our apartment at an unexpected snowfall. The beauty and serenity of the falling flakes at that moment seemed to fit the music taking shape on the page.”

Talented musicians will bring compositions such as Snow Music (1989), Insipid Digressions (1990-2010), Tower (2014) and Sakharoviana (2012) to life. Dr. Sauerwein adds, “This is really interesting music, some of it never heard before, covering more than a quarter of a century. The music is colorful, evocative, thoughtful, lively, brooding and atmospheric. It's live and we are bringing it to life for you to enjoy!”

This free performance on Saturday, February 28 will take place in the Center for the Arts Concert Hall at 7:30 p.m.