DOXA Poster 2015November 10, 2015 (Jackson, Miss.) - The DOXA Dance Concert on November 18-19 will highlight the creative choreography and performances of emerging students from the Belhaven Dance Department.

DOXA, which means “praise” in Greek, is a student-led dance organization where members create and perform original works. The students also use dance as a ministry to others in the community. This year's concert will feature the choreographed works from the following students:

“Riu Riu Chiu”
Choreographer: Rachel Ellis
Dancer: Miriam Smith

Choreographer: Ashley Rivera
Dancer: Ashley Rivera

“We Shall Behold Him”
Choreographer: Gregory Smith
Dancer: Jennifer Bobo

“Earthen and Eternal”
Choreographer: Sarah Allen
Dancers: Caryn Camacho, Erin Campagna, Mariah Henry, ShaoXi Johnson, Regine Peters, Carlie Price

“It Is Well”
Choreographer: Abigail Maharaj
Dancer: Abigail Maharaj

Choreographer: Sophia Williams
Dancer: Sophia Williams

“The Prayer Room”
Choreographer: Abigail Stauffer
Dancer: Christine Hays

“Open Hands”
Choreographer: Caryn Camacho
Dancer: Caryn Camacho

“2:00 a.m. Day Dream”
Choreographers: Joshua P. Bell, Ashley Rivera
Dancers: Joshua P. Bell, Ashley Rivera

“We Can Be…”
Choreographers: Angela Belmonte, Grace Miller, Alizah Wilson
Dancers: Angela Belmonte, Grace Miller, Alizah Wilson

“(Working title)”
Choreographer: Edward DeShane
Dancer: Edward DeShane

Choreographer: Lamario Stanle
Dancer: Lamario Stanley

“What God Has Brought Together”
Choreographer:Carleigh Chitwood
Dancers:Deborah Loo and Kaleb Reilly

The DOXA Dance Concert will be held at the Bitsy Irby Visual Arts and Dance Center at 7:30 p.m. each night. General admission is $10 and $5 for senior citizens and students. Admission is free for all Belhaven students, faculty, staff and their immediate families. For more information, contact the dance department at 601-965-1400.