Describe Image HereApril 17, 2015 (Jackson) - The Student ComposerConcert XIV is a special performance showcasing several arrangements of music from Belhaven student composers.

This free and musically interactive performance on Tuesday, April 21 will explore new ways to experience the adventure of music-making. Students will perform their new compositions live at 7:30 p.m. in the Belhaven Center for the Arts Concert Hall.

The concert will feature music by Trailand Eltzroth, Rachael McCartney, and alumna Libby Roberts. Performers include Kate Ray (harp), Faith Schumacher (piano), Stephanie Bonham (alto saxophone), Brooke Kressin (piano) and Jessica Schmidt (violin).

Dr. Andrew Sauerwein, Associate Professor of Music (Composition and Theory) said, “This music is all newly-minted, a feast for the curious ear! Encounter colorful harp pieces, a brooding lament for violin, delightful and evocative piano pieces and an eclectic group composition entitled 'Ciaccona Fantastico e Collegiale' for saxophone and piano. The composers and performers are keen to interact with listeners as they explore the curious wonders of new music.”