Belhaven Hartfield Agree to Tuition ExchangeJune 2, 2016 (Jackson, Miss.) - David Horner, Hartfield Academy head of school, and Kevin Russell, Vice President for Enrollment Management and University Marketing at Belhaven University, recently signed an agreement for the two schools to partner on multiple fronts. Principally, the agreement is for BelhavenUniversity to provide dual enrollment credit for advanced Hartfield students and for there to be a tuition exchange program for employees of both schools. Hartfield students are also eligible for a tuition discount at Belhaven's undergraduate program.

Russell noted, “This agreement represents the start of many new opportunities for both our institutions. To be able to partner with a Christ-centered institution like Hartfield Academy and offer this opportunity to our employees is the first step of a long-term partnership between our schools.”

Under the agreement, dependents of full-time faculty and staff of Belhaven, that apply and are accepted toHartfield,willreceive atuition discount. In exchange, Hartfield graduates and dependents of faculty and staff that qualify for admission to Belhaven will alsoreceive a tuition discount to attend Belhaven's traditional undergraduate program.

Both institutions have common goals in Christ-centered education and according to Horner, this partnership carries on the quality education students receive at their college preparatory school. “We at Hartfield Academy are excited about this partnership with Belhaven University,” said Horner. “This is the kind of university that we want our students to attend after they graduate from Hartfield. We are a Covenant-Christian school and our goal is to prepare students both academically and spiritually for college, and a place like Belhaven is an excellent way for our students to continue getting a quality Christ-centered education.”

The partnership goes beyond tuition reciprocity and will include an academic exchange. Belhaven professors will periodically speak to students on a variety of relevant topics, and students at Hartfield will also benefit from dual enrollment, earning credit towards their college degree while still attending the academy.