Dr. Bradford SmithAugust 4, 2017 (Jackson, Miss.) - Dr. Bradford Smith, director of Belhaven's Institute for International Care and Counsel, co-wrote a new book that provides churches with helpful insight and resources about mental health.

The new book,Global Mental Health and the Church,was based on an international conference of the same name that was held in Germany, 2015. It calls churches worldwide to engage with what is becoming a new global public health issue: mental health. The book contains chapters written by nine authors from Kenya, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, and the U.S. including chapters by Dr. Smith and Belhaven graduate Kathryn Eltzroth '16.

According to Dr. Smith, “This book is one of the very few we know of that is global in scope and focuses on what churches can do. Few people know that mental issues are among the main causes of disability worldwide. People with such issues suffer more, miss work more, are subject to discrimination and human rights violations, and die years younger on the average. There will never be enough professionals to address these needs.”

The book is written for missions-minded pastors, counselors, and community health workers. “Churches have great potential to serve as caring and healing communities as Jesus calls them to be,” adds Dr. Smith. “That's the central message and mission of our institute here at Belhaven and this book.” Global Mental Health and the Church is available through online outlets such as Amazon.com.