2018 Alumni Awards.September 26, 2018 (Jackson, Miss.) - Today, Belhaven announced the winners of the 2018 Alumni Awards. The University will honor the award recipients during the 2018 Alumni Awards Reception on Friday, November 2 at 5:30 p.m. in the Dr. Billy Kim International Center. This event will kick-off Belhaven Homecoming 2018.

A total of 11 awards highlight alumni who are thriving in their career, life and service. The 2018 Alumni Award winners are listed below.


Alumnus of the Year - Charley Lynn Chase, 1968

To a distinguished alumnus who has achieved excellence in their field of service and embodies Belhaven University's mission in their life and work.

Young Alumnus of the Year - Josh Jackson, 2012

To a recent graduate of the past decade that pursues excellence in their field and has achieved success as a younger leader.

Spirit of Belhaven Award - Larry Mills, 1961

To an alumnus who exemplifies the heart of Belhaven University's mission “to serve and not be served.”This designation honors a servant leader of distinction who embraces Belhaven's mission and serves Christ Jesus in their career, in human relationships, and in the world of ideas.


Bettye Quinn Education Award - Alice Powers Williams, 1978

To a Belhaven School of Education graduate who reflects Ms. Quinn's dedication, commitment, and loyalty to teaching and service to their community.

STEM Distinction Award - W. Lynn Stringer, M.D., 1971

To a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics graduate that has achieved significant success in their professional role, and encourages a Christian worldview while discovering innovations and best practices in their field.

Entrepreneurial Award - Elizabeth R. Weeks Crisler, 1995

To a servant leader entrepreneur who has proven success in business - profit or non-profit - and demonstrates a commitment to ethical leadership in the marketplace.

Arts Excellence Award - Clarissa Behr Davis, D.M., 1975

To a graduate who has achieved excellence in the Arts professionally, and honors the Lord through their creativity.


World Service Award - Katherine Alun Moore Yaegashi, 1967

To an alumnus of distinct Christian character who impacts the broken world through their service to Christ and others by serving the oppressed, by advocating equality and justice, or by offering faith-based humanitarian relief.

Community Service Award - Charles W. Haynes III, 2011, 2013

To an alumnus whose mature understanding of the Christian faith, has been instrumental in their commitment to build their local community.

Additionally, Ron McKinney will be inducted into theBelhaven Sports Hall of Fameat the 2018 homecoming football game. The hall of fame was founded in 1993 to recognize and honor the most notable student-athletes in the history of Belhaven Intercollegiate Athletics. The men and women selected have earned their membership for accomplishments as Belhaven student-athletes, coaches and administrators.