New Graduate Certificates July 3, 2018 (Jackson, Miss.) - For the first time, Belhaven is offering graduate-level certificates without the commitment to a full-time graduate program. Certificates in finance, human resources, health administration, leadership, sports administration, and public administration are now an option for both undergraduates and graduates.

This program is an educational gateway for students who want to advance their career, gain employment, or obtain expertise in a particular discipline. Belhaven students only need a completed bachelor's degree to begin the graduate certificate program.

According to Audrey Kelleher, vice president for curriculum and student care, the benefits of a graduate certificate are significant. “Graduate certificates make students more marketable, giving them a variety of career advancement opportunities. We made this program more accessible for our students because we understand the value of a certificate and know that a stronger repertoire will give Belhaven students a clear advantage in the workplace.”

Each program is customized for a student's area of interest. Classes provide advanced knowledge with a concentrated focus, without the need for general classes. The program is formatted for online learning, giving students flexibility to work and study according to their own schedule. Belhaven also provides multiple financial aid opportunities for eligible students.

Time is a deciding factor for those wanting to pursue a master's degree. Suzanne Sullivan, assistant vice president for adult, graduate, and online admission, believes that Belhaven's certificate programs give a clear advantage because “it takes significantly less time to finish.”

Sullivan adds, “A graduate certificate allows a student to learn specific content in less than a year. For students that aren't sure if they have the time or resources to complete a full graduate degree, we offer them the opportunity to test the water, so to speak. Once a student completes the certificate, they'll have completed several courses that can be applied to the full graduate degree. They'll know the time commitment that it takes and will realize that in another 14-18 months they could earn the full degree.”