POP-In to Financial Aid For Prizes, Food and HelpFebruary 20, 2018 (Jackson, MIss.) - In an effort to help students better understand student loan repayment, Belhaven Financial Aid Office is inviting students to pop-in for a visit. They will be giving away prizes, food and drinks, but more importantly, advice for navigating financial responsibilities.

The first week of Package Options Plan (POP) begins February 19-22 and it is set aside for seniors. Then juniors will have the next week dedicated to them, February 26 - March 1. The last week belongs to sophomores and freshmen, March 5-8.

“Loan repayments can be confusing and intimidating, but they don't have to be,” said Tawesia Colyer, associate director of financial aid. “Many students don't even realize all the avenues they have access to and just ignore it. They go into default and then can't buy a car or continue their education, because they can't get another loan. This is a chance for students to look at and select a clear, comprehensive plan for paying back those loans.”

Seniors and juniors will learn about repayment options and what to expect after college, giving them an idea of how much they can expect to pay each month and the interest rate. Colyer adds, “We'll tell them their different options for repayment and how to contact their lender and work out a better repayment plan. If for some reason they have multiple loans, we can show them how to consolidate.”

Sophomores and freshmen will learn about general loan management and how to make wise financial decisions. Colyer points out, “"Many times, loan repayments can catch students off-guard and are greatly misunderstood. I think it's very important that our students know about all of the financial aid options available to them. Some of them are so easy all it takes is a 10-minute phone call and costs nothing. Our staff will be ready to answer all questions and set up our students for success.”

For more information about POP contact Belhaven Financial aid at 601-968-5933 or emai them at studentaid@belhaven.edu.