Makenzie MitchellMarch 14, 2018 (Jackson, Miss.) - Mackenzie Mitchell, a double major in theatre and creative writing, won the Mississippi Theatre Association's 2018 Adult Playwriting Competition Award.

A junior from Terry, Miss., Mitchell wrote the powerful play, “All Your Pretty Horses.” The award-winning story explores what happens when siblings grow apart and the steps they take to reconcile and restore their broken relationship.

Dr. David Sollish, chair of Belhaven's Theatre Department, said, “We are incredibly proud of Mac, He is an up-and-coming theatre artist with a bright future in both performance and writing!”

Mitchell sees a correlation between his double major that helps him understand the bigger picture of playwriting. “I'm interested in studying all forms of writing, and being a double major lets me do that while exploring dramatic writing in a more specified way. There is much overlap between the two communities of theatre and writing, and it's always encouraging to see a collaborative effort from students on both sides.”

In the future, Mitchell hopes to travel more, drawing inspiration from different places and people. He adds, “I want to write more plays and see them come to life in front of an audience.”