Alex HarveyMarch 28, 2019 (Jackson, Miss.) - In only a year, nursing graduate Alex Harvey '17 is making a significant impact in the nursing profession. He was recently recognized as “Nurse Rookie of the Year” at the Annual Nightingale Awards Gala.

The award, presented by the Mississippi Nurses Foundation and the Mississippi Nurses Association, honors a registered nurse who has been in practice for less than two years and exhibits exemplary maturity and professionalism while delivering nursing care.

Belhaven nursing faculty reflected on Harvey's performance during his studies and they all recognized his high standards, eagerness to learn, and attitude of respect for others. Dr. Barbara Johnson, Dean of the School of Nursing, adds, “We are so proud of Alex, his accomplishments, and the manner in which he has represented the mission of the school of nursing. We are grateful for his contribution to the nursing profession. He has sought to connect with his clients on a human level and show Christian compassion regardless of the circumstances.”

After graduating from Belhaven's School of Nursing with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, he started his nursing career working in the neurology and stroke unit at Baptist Medical Center in Jackson, Miss. While there, he was selected to be a CLABSI champion, a position created to educate other nurses on the proper techniques of caring for central lines and venous accesses. He was eventually promoted to charge nurse of his shift and became an active member of the unit council.

Since March 2018, he has worked for the Baptist Emergency Department. Harvey's manager and coworkers nominated him for the Mississippi Nursing Association's Nightingale Awards. Harvey said, “It was an honor and unbelievable moment to even have my name on the nominee list, but to be awarded such an honor is something that I will carry with me for a long time. I will always have this award as a reminder through my career.”

He has also been working part-time for Merit Health Central's Emergency Department since August of 2018 and is increasing his knowledge on burns, hand injuries and other specialties.

Wanting to further his career and take more challenges, Harvey decided to join an elite unit of flight nurses and medical technicians who fly for the Air National Guard. On December 20, 2018, he was sworn in to the Air National Guard as a 2nd Lieutenant and started his journey as a flight nurse with the 183rd Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron.

His unit is a prestigious unit with the ability to mobilize and support any war effort, causality or crisis at a minute's notice.

The main effort of the squadron is to transport sick, injured, and critical service men, women, and civilians to higher levels of care or back home. Harvey adds, “Our unit is active on a global scale and is always ready for the biggest and toughest missions out there. We strive to be the best and challenge everyone in the unit to stay up to date on the latest information and ever-changing aspects of medical care.”