Computer Information SystemsJuly 15, 2019 (Jackson, Miss.) - Jobs in computer information systems are in high demand. Belhaven University has recognized the opportunities this growing field provides for its students and is responding by offering a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems.

Dr. David O'Gwynn, assistant professor and chair of Belhaven's Computer Science Department, said, “There is an increasing need for technical solutions to not only the usual problems such as communication and coordination, but also privacy, security, and encryption. The needs currently outstrip the available talent. Belhaven University is eager to train students for technical work in a variety of organizations.”

This new degree allows graduates to work with companies' IT systems, analyze issues within the systems, and ensure all systems are kept up-to-date and working well. While working towards this degree, students will take classes in computer science, numerical analysis, and software and hardware.

Computer information technology focuses solely on the practical applications of computers and those computing systems that help get the work done. Because of its heavy focus on the “state of the practice”, students are more likely to focus on applied technology areas such as networking, security, database management, and web application development.

Students can transition into jobs that vary from information technology analyst, system administration, and cyber security to information assurance, network administration, and business systems management.