Summer online classes 2019April 22, 2019 (Jackson, Miss.) - Undergraduate students can register for summer online courses that can be taken anywhere. Belhaven Online allows you to attend class and complete assignments from the beach, the mountains, or even Starbucks.

All of Belhaven's online classes are offered at $380 per hour and are taught during eight-week terms beginning on April 28 and June 23. Federal grants and/or loans are available for students that qualify.

Taking online classes during the summer can help students finish their degrees or complete extra courses in a flexible, economical, and convenient way. The online program is offering popular classes like Exploring the Old Testament (BIB-220), Exploring the New Testament (BIB-221), Science and Culture (BIO-125), Business Computer Applications (BUS-309), Survey of World Literature I and II (ENG-203 and 204), Contemporary World History (HIS-205), Christian Interpretation (WVC-301), Kingdom Life, (WVC401), or one of 15 psychology courses.

Students can choose from hundreds of classes and find the right classes that fit their summer plans. In addition to online courses, Belhaven is also offering several on-campus classes during the summer session.On-campus summer classes are offered at the regular part-time rate of $450 an hour.

For more information, contact Belhaven Online Admission at 601-968-8881or