it leadership master degreeJuly 15, 2020 (Jackson, Miss.) - Belhaven University is giving information technology experts a degree to move into leadership. The new Master of Science in Information Technology Management (MSITM) is a 30-hour master's degree program, offered in an online and hybrid format.

“The prevalence of technology in every aspect of our lives means that for work to get done, we need leaders in the technology space,” said Dr. David O'Gwynn, associate professor and chair of Belhaven's Computer Science Department. “The need for those leaders is significant and growing every day, and Belhaven's MSITM is dedicated to preparing tomorrow's information technology leadership.”

The program covers topics that range from leadership, project management, and financial analysis to current and emerging technologies, cyber law, and strategic planning. This degree path can lead to career opportunities such as chief information officer, technology manager, systems administrator, security analyst, database administrator, management analyst, project manager, and team leader.

Dr. Eric Harter, Belhaven's Director of DBA and Professor of Business Administration, believes students who earn their master's degree at Belhaven will have key competitive advantages and benefits when compared to other institutions and candidates.“Graduates will have multiple employment paths to consider within a multitude of industries whereas graduates of a single discipline have fewer paths and greater limitations as we enter a more challenging and uncertain global environment.”

Dr. O'Gwynn adds, “The rapidly changing world of information technology requires a workforce that is capable of adapting to change and leadership that is adaptable and rooted in best practices.A masters in IT management will train students in those best practices and prepare them to spot the changing landscape of organizational needs.