Tradigital StudiesJuly 8, 2020 (Jackson, Miss.) - Belhaven University's academic offerings continue to grow with the new Bachelor of Arts in Tradigital Studies. “Belhaven is among some of the first universities to offer this unique integration of practical and foundational work in visual art and graphic design,” said Jon Micah Tyson, co-chair of Belhaven's Art and Design Department.

Tradigital is art and design that incorporates traditional and digital processes in the creation of a work. Students who graduate with a tradigital degree transition into careers as art directors, graphic designers, web designers, branding and visual strategies, printing technicians, and production artists.

Tyson said, “It's a degree that is built on reliable and healthy approaches to authentic art making processes, and gives the student the ability to understand those processes in light of technologies' role in the creative space.”
Students in the tradigital program will study drawing, design, art history, aesthetics, photography, computer graphics, web design, print design, digital imaging, and animation.

Tyson adds, “The artists and designers of today need to be exposed to current and emerging technology and processes.The skills you will acquire with a degree in tradigital studies can be applied to a vast array of creative careers.”

Belhaven University already has a long history of artistic and technical excellence, and according to Tyson, the new program will prepare students for a demanding, tech-driven industry.

“Traditional mediums, foundational design methodology, digital processes, and the latest modern technology all mix beautifully together to expand a creatives' toolbox and skillset to fit the demands of a modern marketplace,” said Tyson.