Dr. Tracey Gregory March 31, 2020 (Jackson, Miss.) - Dr. Tracey Gregory, assistant professor in Belhaven's Graduate School of Education Leadership Doctoral Studies program, has been nominated and invited to become a member of two distinct professional associations.

Gregory has been nominated by Kelly Riley, executive director of Mississippi Professional Educators (MPE), to become a member on the MPE Board of Directors and serve as a representative in the position of MPE's University Director. MPE is Mississippi's largest teachers' organization for professional educators. Gregory is to be elected and confirmed on April 3-4, 2020 during the MPE Symposium to be held at the Jackson Hilton.

Belhaven School of Education Dean Dr. David Hand said, “All the faculty members of the School of Education congratulate Dr. Tracey Gregory on her professional educational leadership and for receiving these honors and appointments. She not only does the School of Education proud, but also brings prestige to and extends the positive reputation of Belhaven University as a quality institution of higher education in the state of Mississippi.”

The Junior League of Jackson has also recognized Gregory's expertise and president LaKeyshea Greer Isaac nominated her to become a member. Hand observed, “The Jackson Junior League's goals of making a positive impact in the areas of early literacy, children's health, and social development are a perfect fit for Dr. Gregory. As a professional educator, she has taught and been a teacher and administrator in school districts throughout the state of Mississippi and is now directing and assisting doctoral candidates achieve their goal of earning a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.” Gregory became a member on February 10, 2020.