Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media February 10, 2020 (Jackson, Miss.) - Belhaven University is now offering a degree in the fast-growing field of digital media. From apps to games, news, social networking, and even software, digital media blends technology and content that is seen, watched, and read every day.

“Belhaven's Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media will help students prepare for an increasingly-digital world,” said Bill Moak, Belhaven University's Chair and Assistant Professor of Communications. “Any student who wishes to enter the communication field needs to develop their digital media competencies. Today's communications professionals must be able to communicate effectively using a variety of tools, including graphic design, video production, and writing.”

The University is taking an interdisciplinary approach to its digital media program. Moak adds, “Our interdisciplinary approach brings together courses from our excellent film production, graphic design, public relations, and business programs to synthesize a new degree which should give Belhaven students an edge in a competitive marketplace.”

As a digital media major, students will learn a variety of skills that are essential for success in the industry. The program is designed to help majors learn to apply critical thinking skills to practical work. Classes will give students a rigorous, hands-on experience where they can learn to tell stories through the various mediums. They will study how to produce content that includes: writing for news media and public relations, producing well-designed materials for publication, and producing and editing video.

Digital media is a broad term, covering a number of different products, industries and job roles. Professionals with knowledge and expertise in digital media work in a variety of organizational settings that vary from advertising and public relations agencies to nonprofit organizations, churches, government agencies, and corporations.

Moak observed, “Experts in digital media shape the way the modern world works, learns, communicates, and plays. Whether you're interested in becoming a journalist, a graphic designer, a videographer or public relations professional or any one of hundreds of other careers involving communication, this degree willhelp you reach your goal and prepare you for a rewarding career.”