School of Education Honored for Academic Excellence

COD Education 2020 November 19, 2020 (Jackson, Miss.) - Colleges of Distinction (COD) has awarded top honors to Belhaven University's School of Education for its quality programs and focus on student success.

“The Belhaven University School of Education has been preparing teachers and school leaders for the state of Mississippi for over 135 years,” said Dr. David Hand, Dean of Belhaven's School of Education. “During that time the School of Education has developed and maintained a trustworthy reputation with state leaders, school superintendents other state educators, as well as parents. We are known throughout Mississippi for the quality of educational leaders coming from the program.”

COD evaluated schools based on their ability to provide a high-quality student experience, as well as a thorough liberal arts education. After a comprehensive vetting process, they selected schools based on accreditation, quality of program, multidisciplinary exposure, practical experience, high-impact practices, networking, and a track record for success.

“Our graduates are sought after by different schools and districts due to the reputation of Belhaven's quality teacher and administrator preparation programs. Administrators throughout the state routinely call our department requesting that we post their job announcements so our newly licensed candidates can apply for teaching positions in their schools,” said Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Education Dr. Cynthia Wilkins.

COD realized the importance of honoring the universities that are doing the most to impact not only the education systems, but the leaders, politicians, scientists, authors, and artists of tomorrow. In Mississippi, quality teachers are needed in a growing number of teacher shortage areas.

According to Hand, there are 1,654 students enrolled in the Belhaven's School of Education and at all levels of study. Belhaven education majors are already having a direct impact on education in Mississippi. “A majority of our candidates are called to teach in the high-needs areas of our state, helping to address the issue of teacher shortages in these areas,” added Hand.

Wilkins observed, “Candidates are gaining real life and high-quality clinical experiences which allows them to develop skills and grow in their professional disposition, demonstrating a positive impact on student learning. Although our program is rigorous, our success rate in each program is very high due to the extra care, compassion, and professional knowledge our professors provide to all candidates.”