Alchemy 2020March 5, 2020 (Jackson, Miss.) - Ten artists from Belhaven's Visual Art Department were featured in the special exhibition “Alchemy.” The show is comprised of work from faculty, alumni, and current students that showcases the best abstract art in Jackson, Miss.

“Alchemy” is on display at The Cedars, 4145 Old Canton Road, till March 15, 2020. Rebecca Garrison, the executive director of the Fondren Renaissance Foundation, selected each artist for the exhibit.

“I hope folks can come out to see 'Alchemy,' and enjoy such a great group of collected works,” said Chair of the Visual Arts Department Bob Pennebaker. “This exhibit shows how nonobjective and abstract imagery does reflect important elements of reality and why nonobjective works contribute so richly to the full spectrum of the different forms that art can take.”

There is a total of 12 artists included in the exhibit. The Belhaven University artist featured in “Alchemy” include:

Bob Pennebaker, Associate Professor of Art & Chair of the Visual Arts Department

Melissa Thorson, Professor of Art History and Director of the Honors Program

Nate Theisen. Professor of Art

Jacob Rowan '12

Genie Hyde '19

Bailey Hughes '18

Stephen Delatte '08

Alli Bostrom Smith '12

Amelia Key '11

Hannah Mucha, visual art and dance major

Pennebaker observed, “It's the kickoff year for The Cedars and to be the first show of the year is an honor. I'm also delighted that 10 out of the 12 artists have all come out of the Belhaven Visual Art program. The students who graduated from our program are out in the art world, continuing to have success and are working as accomplished artists.”