Arts Discover Day 2020October 5, 2020 (Jackson, Miss.) - Belhaven University's School of the Arts will host a virtual Arts Discover Day on Friday, November 6, 2020. This event will give students who are interested in the arts a look into what makes Belhaven a premier Christian arts university. This day is an important step for potential students deciding on a career in the arts, and it helps them discover what type of degree they might want to pursue.

Professors who teach and love the arts will be ready to take questions, give advice, and provide information about careers in the arts. Students will take a virtual tour of campus and visit in real-time with admission staff, arts faculty, and Belhaven University's President.

Panels with Belhaven art majors and department chairs will give participants more opportunities to learn about programs and the University. Students will also have a chance to "meet" with their personal admission counselor and talk about the enrollment process, including application and financial aid procedures.

Students must register online. Once they register, they will be sent information and a link to access the event. They only need a computer or phone with Internet access and camera.

When potential students attend one of Belhaven's Discover Days, the University will add $1000 to their first-year scholarship package.

Did you know? Belhaven University is one of only 36 institutions in the nation accredited in all four areas of the arts - art, music, theater, and dance. Belhaven, a university of 5,000 students, is competing at the highest level in the arts with some of the largest schools in the nation such as Florida State University, The Ohio State University, The University of Alabama and Brigham Young University.