Belhaven Professor Elected President of IACBE Southern Region Assembly

Dr. Antwon Woods September 7, 2021 (Jackson, Miss.) - The International Accreditation Council of Business Education (IACBE) appointed Belhaven University professor Dr. Antwon Woods president of Southern Regional Assembly. Dr. Woods is Assistant to the President for Special Initiatives, andAssistant Professor ofBusiness Administrationand Sports Management, and Chair of Sports Management.

“The election of Dr. Woods as president of the IACBE's Southern Regional Assembly demonstrates that he has been recognized by his peers as a rising young leader in collegiate business education,” said Dr. Chip Mason, Belhaven's Dean of School of Business. “As a leader in our business accrediting body, Dr. Woods will ensure that the Belhaven School of Business and schools in the Southern region will lead the way in adopting the best practices of global business education, which will ensure our students are well prepared to meet the challenges of the modern workplace.”

IACBE is an educational accreditation agency for college and university business programs. The Southern Regional Assembly includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Dr. Woods responsibility is to serve as the presiding officer at business meetings of the assembly. In addition, he will be responsible for working with and assisting the presidents of the IACBE in membership development in the region. He will also have the responsibility to appoint committee members and designate the chair of each committee for the regional conference.

As president, Dr. Woods hopes to accomplish hosting two successful regional conferences, one virtually and the other in-person, located in one of the larger metropolitan areas within the southeastern region. The conferences will promote events, workshops, seminars,and recruitment of new members. He also hopes to establish a partnership withsponsors and exhibitors to increase the awareness of the conference and build prestige for years to come.