Focus on the ArtsMarch 4, 2021 (Jackson, Miss.) - Belhaven's Film Production Department has created a video series highlighting news, events, students, and more happening in the School of the Arts.

Each episode of Focus on the Arts is a collaboration involving multiple departments. Chair and Associate Professor of Film Production Rick Negron said, “We have creative writing students writing the segments, and film production students are shooting and editing the video.Theatre and dance students serve as hosts. We are working to have music and art and design students develop music and graphics for the videos.”

New episodes come out at the beginning of the month and run 7-8 minutes. Through this series, Negron is giving his students valuable experience and additional ways to sharpen their technical and organizational skills. “There were 12 different shoots involved in the first episode, so this series is giving film production studentsa variety of hands-on situations to hone their skills,” said Negron. “This helps them adapt to filming in many environments. Also, this type of video is common on social media - whether it be for businesses or churches - so it's helpful for students to see how theplanning and executionall comes together.”

Negron believes that the connections happening through this series is a major benefit to the School of the Arts as well as the University as a whole. He added, “I hope students develop a better connection with the rest of the arts departments on campus. The goal is to eventually make it student-led and a true collaboration between all arts students.”