B52 Film Challenge 2022 April 28, 2022 (Jackson, Miss.) - Belhaven University's Film Production Department hosted film makers from across the south to take part in the B52 Film Challenge 2022. This unique event asked filmmakers to write, shoot, and edit a short film in just 52 hours.

A total of 16 groups that consisted of high school students, college students, and adults all participated in the challenge.Students from Mississippi School of the Arts, Hinds Community College, Delta State University, Belhaven University, and out-of-state high schools contributed their short films.

“I created the event to simply encourage people to take whatever resources they have and make a short film,” said Chair and Associate Professor of Film Studies Rick Negron. “It's a personal challenge, rather than a competition. It's about being creative, having fun, and sharing your work.”

To celebrate their achievements, all films were screened at the Malco Grandview Theaters in Madison, Miss. on Monday, March 28. The event was well attended. Negron adds, “Screening films to an audience in a state-of-the-art movie theater is an invaluable experience for the students. Being able to see and hear the audience respond to their work helps them to understand the storytelling process, and it's simply a huge inspiration.”

The films were adjudicated by filmmakers, and awards were given to the highest rated film in the high school and college/adult categories.The short film "Mop,” directed by Mississippi School of the Arts' Benjamin Jayden Taylor and Landon Dedeaux, won the top honor for the high school category. The short film "The Big Score," directed by Belhaven University's Jacob Cockrell and Sam Graef, won best in the college/adult category.

“Filmmaking is a collaborative effort, so students benefit from working together as a team to create something within a set amount of time,” said Negron. “It really challenges their organizational, technical, and personal skills. Seeing work done by their peers allows them to learn from others and determine their own strengths and weaknesses.”

All eligible participants earned a $2000 scholarship to study film production at Belhaven University.