June 3, 2022 (Jackson, Miss.) - Belhaven University is now offering three high-demand, skill-focused majors through a partnership with an innovative nationwide consortium of over 75 colleges and universities. Students can now earn degrees in actuary science, sales management, and supply chain management.

The University partnered with Rize, a higher education company that works with the Lower Cost Models for Independent Colleges (LCMC) consortium. Rize/LCMC allows member institutions to adopt high-demand majors, minors, and certificates that get students ready for careers in the fastest-growing fields.

Belhaven students will still enjoy the traditional college experience and have a strong Christian worldview dimension through courses taught by Belhaven faculty. Depending on which degree students pursue, they will take two or three virtual classes through Rize's industry experts.

“These new degree programs provide special opportunities we hope students will utilize at Belhaven,” said Belhaven University Provost Dr. Bradford Smith. “Our desire is to help each student thrive in their career and calling. A partnership with the Rize/LCMC consortium puts our students on a focused trajectory toward success. Students will be learning from top industry experts who will teach some of the core courses in their major. All classes are small so they will get to know their consortium professor as well as work closely with faculty mentors at Belhaven.”

Belhaven University's uniqueBachelor ofScience inActuarial Sciencegives students all of the mathematics, business, and computer science courses needed to become an actuary. An actuary calculates the probability of risk for insurance companies. Belhaven Actuarial Sciences majors will take four upper-level online classes through Belhaven's Rize partnership to address high-level courses specific to this field. To be a successful actuary, one must have advanced knowledge of mathematics, business, and some computer sciences, and one must also pass exams offered by the Society of Actuaries.

TheBachelor ofArtsin Sales Managementwill prepare students with skills necessary for success in a sales career, and more broadly, needed skills for building professional relationships. Sales is the backbone of any business and how companies generate revenue. The ability to sell, the ability to effectively communicate the value of an idea, product, service, or person, and to create win-win situations-is vital to success in a wide variety of positions and career options, including for-profit industry, non-profit organizations, government, and more.

ABachelorof Artsin Supply Chain Managementwill give students the skills to manage the flow of goods and services related to moving a product from raw materials to its delivery and then its final destination. A total of 1.4 million new jobs in Supply Chain and Logistics were created from 2014-2018, and this growth is likely to continue as more companies recognize the importance of optimizing their supply chain. Because the importance of this role has grown so rapidly in recent years, the labor market is currently experiencing a lack of supply chain professionals. Students who secure jobs in this field will be able to have a real impact, as global supply chains continue to proliferate and impact economies throughout the world.