MFA and Senior Dance ConcertFebruary 27, 2023 (Jackson, MIss.) - Belhaven's M.F.A. Thesis and Senior Dance Concerts will showcase original choreography of several senior and graduate dance majors.

There are two different performances at Bitsy Irby Visual Arts and Dance Center Studio Theatre; Concert A is Friday, March 3 and Concert B is Saturday, March 4.

Each concert begins at 7 p.m. and will feature performances by Belhaven's 2023 M.F.A. candidate Anne Bishop and nine senior dance majors.

The senior projects are the capstone course for dance undergraduates, and the M.F.A. thesis is the culminating project for the three-year graduate degree in dance. The thesis project incorporates the development of a choreographic project related to the research and creative interests of the student. Additionally, graduate students submit a thesis document detailing their research and creative process.

M.F.A. Candidate:
Anne Bishop's M.F.A. thesis work, “a stay; a sojourn,” is psychologically propelled by individualized, autobiographical storytelling of the dancers' personal journeys relating to refuge, a safe place. The dancers use suspended aerial fabrics to transform the stage space into a dwelling that promotes spiritual intimacy found through the physical reliance on one another and the space itself.

Megan Kruthoff is performing a contemporary solo focused on the balance of risk-taking and artistry within movement.

Grace Neff choreographed a group work that gradually increases in the number of dancers, representing the human need for community and connection.

Grace Matson choreographed a group work, exploring literary adaptation and theatrical elements in her creative process.

Madilyn Hiley is performing a contemporary reimagining of the “Mad Scene” from the classical balletGiselle.

Sarah Lunceford will present a choreographic work exploring the idea of creating cohesion between movement and lyrics by investigating the practice of songwriting.

Liz Morales will present a solo in which she applied strategies to the rehearsal and performance process to discover how secular dance works and the everyday life of a professional dancer can become a spiritually rich endeavor.

Alicia Panzer will be performing a solo showcasing the success of her rehabilitation from a traumatic injury. The solo ties into her larger project which explores the most effective methods of rehabilitation of traumatic injuries in dancers.

Kathleen Flaccomio's solo performance and accompanying research examines dance therapy's impact on grief within the dance rehearsal process.

Susanna Sims will perform a solo which serves as means to apply the multi-dimensional definition of artistry.

General admission is $10 and $5 for seniors and non-Belhaven University students. Admission is free for all Belhaven faculty, students, and immediate family. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

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