Belhaven University Opens Innovation Incubator and Partners with Valtep AI

December 15, 2023 (Jackson, Miss.) - Belhaven University has partnered with education technology company Valtep AI and in conjunction, opened an innovation incubator on campus. “This partnership represents a significant step forward in fostering innovation and providing unparalleled opportunities for our students,” said Belhaven University President Dr. Roger Parrott.

Belhaven’s incubator, The Catalyst, aims to serve as a launchpad for innovation, providing a unique platform for students, faculty, and outside entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. From ideation to commercialization, the incubator focuses on various sectors, including arts, scientific research, and general business development. It also offers a first-of-its-kind opportunity to incorporate AI advancements.

Valtep AI will be the first company incubated in The Catalyst at Belhaven. This milestone signifies the incubator's operational readiness and its capability to attract high-caliber tech companies.

Abhishek Goel, CEO of Valtep AI, said, "We consider it a profound honor to have been chosen as the inaugural company incubated in The Catalyst. This mutually beneficial partnership shall afford us privileged access to exceptional students and educators, consequently facilitating direct engagement with our esteemed stakeholders. In essence, this partnership will fortify an environment conducive to innovation, paving the way for pioneering technological advancements in the Jackson area.”

The University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Valtep AI in September. This partnership will bring a novel change in how virtual reality, AI, and data analytics would support current and future students. The immersive learning platform offered by Valtep AI has the potential to elevate the quality of education and training in educational institutions, colleges, and corporate settings.

The MOU outlines a comprehensive partnership that includes research, development, and commercialization of AI technologies. Valtep AI will provide the University with access to cutting-edge AI, virtual reality, and data analytics solutions, while Belhaven University will offer academic resources and research support. Dean of the School of Science and Mathematics Dr. John Estes, School of Business Dean Dr. Brett Andrews, and Belhaven Provost and VP of Academic Affairs Dr. Audrey Kelleher will add their expertise and oversight to The Catalyst.

For more information, contact Dr. Corky Wicks, Director of The Catalyst and VP & Learning Method Expert at Valtep AI, at