Medical Services for Dance Majors, Minors, and Apprentices

Belhaven is one of the only universities in the nation with a full-time Dance Athletic Trainer. The Dance Clinic demonstrates Belhaven University's commitment to supporting the health of each dancer's body, mind, and spirit.


Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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Ensure the Safety of the Dancer’s Body

Full-Time Dance Athletic Trainer

Providing Injury Care & Prevention Services

On-Site Medical Coverage

During Classes and Performances

Equipped Dance Clinic

Including Ultrasound, E-Stim, Heat, Ice, and Conditioning Equipment

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Care for Your Health with These Dance Resources

Prepare for your first semester at Belhaven. View our ​Dance Student Handbook and submit your medical forms.

Clinic Policies and Procedures Handbook

A Dedicated Practitioner by Your Side

Certified athletic trainers are healthcare professionals who work alongside physicians.​​

At Belhaven, you'll work with a highly qualified, multi-skilled Dance Athletic Trainer with a Master of Science in Exercise, Fitness and Health Promotion, Victoria Fauntroy MS, LAT, ATC.


You'll receive careful injury assessments and evaluations to ensure proper care and rehabilitation.

Care & Rehabilitation

The Dance Athletic Trainer provides therapeutic modalities and exercises for rehabilitation to improve health outcomes in dance students.


The Dance Clinic has reduced injuries and increased health among dancers.

Belhaven's dance curriculum includes Principles for Dance Health, Conditioning for Dancers, and Dance Kinesiology courses to teach you how to care for your body throughout your career.

Our Dance Athletic Trainer provides on-site coverage during dance classes, rehearsals, and performances.


We know a second opinion or orthopedic doctor may be necessary for your health. When necessary, we provide referrals for orthopedic clinics for further evaluation.

Caring, Trustworthy & Reliable

Our Dance Athletic Trainer is in daily communication with faculty to ensure the health and wellbeing of dance students.

You will receive care from a healthcare professional you can trust. Dance faculty and staff at Belhaven are invested in your wellbeing and success.

Contact Us

Dance Clinic

Phone: 601-965-1400

Victoria Fauntroy, MS LAT ATC
1500 Peachtree St
Bitsy Irby 2nd Floor
Jackson, MS 39202

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