Division of Humanities

Welcome to Belhaven University’s Division of Humanities, including the departments of English, History, Political Science, Classical Education, Public Relations and Interdisciplinary Studies. Foremost in our college’s Christian liberal arts mission, this Division offers more required courses than all the other Divisions combined. In addition to our several majors and minors, we offer interdisciplinary studies and internships. Students find that studying in the humanities not only fulfills requirements for most majors and for all degree programs, but helps prepare them for virtually every career. Strong records in this division also help students prepare for graduate school, law school, and seminary.

Let us show you how the humanities help students to acquire competence in English and other languages, to appreciate the significance of history, literature, and philosophy, and to think, write, and speak with critical acumen. You will find that our courses contribute to students' success in other academic areas and help them assimilate biblical principles into their lives and work.

Dr. Seth Parry, Division Chair