The Belhaven University School of Nursing offers a Freshman Guarantee Option for eligible incoming freshmen students interested in earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Belhaven University.

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Freshman Guarantee students are assigned a nursing advisor and are ensured admission into the nursing program their junior year assuming they have met all nursing admission standards. For example, applicants that begin the Freshman Guarantee option at BU Fall of 2024, will be reviewed for admission to the upper level nursing program for Fall 2026 and will graduate in Spring of 2028 provided that all eligibility requirements are maintained.


To be considered for Freshman Guarantee Option, students must:

  • Apply and be accepted for admission to Belhaven University
  • Obtain a minimum composite ACT score of 21

Applicants will receive a letter from the Office of Admission indicating acceptance to the Freshman Guarantee Option.

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Maintaining Eligibility

Once admitted into the Freshman Guarantee Option, the student must meet the following conditions:

  • Continuous enrollment as a full-time student at Belhaven University in each regular semester session. Students may be required to take courses in the summer semester in order to complete the pre-nursing program of study in the required time frame.
  • All required courses must be taken at Belhaven University.
  • Must maintain a minimum of "C" or better in each pre-requisite course and a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 on a 4.00 scale in pre-requisite courses.
  • Students will take the ATI TEAS preadmission test in their sophomore year and earn a minimum score of 66. (Belhaven University will only consider three (3) attempts at obtaining the minimum required score on the ATI TEAS exam per 12 month period. There is a 30 day waiting period between retakes. It may be helpful to speak with a nursing advisor to help you prepare for this important exam.
  • Students will complete an application for the admission to the Nursing Program during their sophomore year. The application includes submission of a typed essay by the deadline. (The essay is to include a discussion of the applicant's interest in nursing and a personal reflection on how enrollment in a nursing program grounded in Christian principles might facilitate development and practice as a professional nurse.)


Upon completion of the conditions of enrollment and eligibility, Freshman Guarantee students will receive a formal letter of acceptance to the School of Nursing. This letter will include information on the required health, safety, and clinical documentation required of all nursing students.

Prior to matriculation into the nursing program, all students must submit documentation of a physical examination, current immunization (including hepatitis B vaccine series and second MMR booster), TB test and proof of basic life support (BLS) certification. Passing a criminal background check and drug screen is also required prior to matriculation into the nursing program. The mandatory requirements must be completed before the student will be registered for any nursing courses.

Nursing faculty advisors will evaluate student progress and will consult with students at least once per semester. Students who suffer academic setbacks in their pre-nursing coursework or decide (for whatever reason) not to continue with the Freshman Guarantee program, may still apply via the traditional admission process to the School of Nursing and not be penalized.

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