The Registrar’s Office provides diplomas and certificates for all campuses.

Diploma Delivery

Diplomas and certificates are produced and shipped to each graduate by a third-party company once graduation certification for each term has been completed. An order is then submitted and the company produces, packages, and ships the completed documents within 10 days.

  • Spring graduates should expect their diplomas/certificates no later than mid-July.
  • Summer graduates should expect their diplomas/certificates no later than mid-October.
  • Fall graduates should expect their diplomas/certificates no later than mid-February.

A tracking number is provided through your Belhaven email address once your document is shipped.

Graduates who do not receive their diploma or certificate by the dates above are advised to call 601-968-5922.

**All address changes must be received via BlazeNet prior to the end of the graduation semester to ensure your diploma or certificate will be received on time.**

Diploma Content

  • Student’s name
  • Belhaven title and school seal
  • Belhaven degree
  • Date of graduation
  • Academic honors (if earned – baccalaureate level only)

Note: Majors, minors, and specializations do not appear on the Belhaven diploma

Diploma Size

The size of diplomas for non-doctoral degrees is 11" by 8.5." The size of diplomas for doctoral degrees is 13" by 10".

Replacement Diplomas

Alumni may request a replacement diploma if the original diploma has been lost or destroyed. Alumni are asked to complete the Diploma Replacement Form.

Replacement diplomas follow the format of the current Belhaven University diploma. All signatures for university officials appearing on original diplomas from 2013 to present will be used on the replacement diplomas. Prior to 2013, signatures of such officials may not be available. In such cases, signatures of current officials will be used. Replacement diplomas list the student’s name as it appears on the student’s transcript.

Orders for diploma replacements and reprints are place at the beginning of each month. Delivery of your order can be expected no later than the end of the month following the month you placed the order. A tracking number will be provided once your document is shipped. Further questions regarding replacement diplomas may be referred to

Diploma Certification

Belhaven does not maintain copies of diplomas. Alumni needing a certified copy of a diploma should order a replacement diploma and specify the certification requirements on the diploma replacement form.

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